[ubuntu-za] Thunderbirdv12.01 Backup and Restore between 10.04 & mint12?

FransIT dormakorp at vodamail.co.za
Thu May 24 07:54:33 UTC 2012

On 12/05/24 09:29, Hilton Gibson wrote:
> On 05/24/2012 09:08 AM, FransIT wrote:
>> It would seem like the fresh install do not have a profiles folder 
>> under which the profiles are saved,
> Thats very interesting !
    I should maybe note that i have this folder in windows, also each 
profile does have an alfanumerically named forlde still where your mail 
gets stored.

With some changes you might be able to have your TB on linux store and 
fetch this folder from a Windows partition...for dual booting.
Also it's usefull if you want to have a work and home profile...just 
choose at startup. :)

>> The profiles.ini file do however stil look and work teh same you 
>> should find it under /*~/.thunderbird*/
>> Just copying your old email folder to here should work.
>> On 12/05/23 18:43, Vincent wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I've got 12.04 running on my desktop & mint12(ubuntu 11.10) on my 
>>> netbook, both using TB12.01.
>>> My problem is that backing up TB and then trying to restore to 10.04 
>>> doesn't work. However in the past when running 10.04 on the netbook, 
>>> this always worked perfectly.
>>> The default mail paths in mint were different to 10.04, so I changed 
>>> them to the default in 10.04, still no joy.
>>> Does this mean that files in 10.04 and 11.10 are not compatible, or 
>>> am I missing a trick here?
>>> Any help would be appreciated.
>>> Vince

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