[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu 12.04 Paingolin

frans dormakorp at vodamail.co.za
Thu May 10 11:37:17 UTC 2012

Well I had some crazy problem last night, testing the dual screen 
capabilities of ubuntu12.04 I pluged in my Desktop screen on my netbook 
and set it to have two seperate images, then I porceed to set the bigger 
screen to max (native) resolution, and have no normal orientation for 
the screen. I had Either clockwise or counter clockwise...wt... anyway 
setting it one setting lower corrected that problem, but still a minor 
annoyance. Also the screen gets recognized as 19" instead of 17".
I will be testing on my Desktop pc as soon as it's fixed just to make 
sure...but i think it's to do with the intel drivers.

On 12/05/09 14:28, tim at cybersmart.co.za wrote:
> I tend to agree. Despite an update problem which was simple to resolve 
> with the right guidance, I've had no problems with unity or other changes.
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> On 9 May 2012 12:01, Hilton Gibson <hilton.gibson at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PreciseUpgrades
> >>>>>
> > It is generally recommended that users of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS wait 
> until the
> > first point release, due in July, before upgrading.
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> I just upgraded from 10.04 due to having stupidly uninstalled stuff
> that should not be uninstalled.  Upgrade (from live CD) went
> flawlessly--home partition preserved and Windows 7 partition
> preserved. Having used 12.04 for about a week, I'm surprised at all
> the fuss made about Unity: I find it easy to use; I do miss my panel
> applets, though, but I believe there's a way to get them working.
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