[ubuntu-za] Vodafone webbook

Andy Rabagliati andyr at wizzy.com
Sun Jul 29 15:23:31 UTC 2012


  I have a Vodafone webbook that I bought off a dissatisfied user, and
  am looking to upgrade it.

  Specs :-

  * ARMv7 processor revision 5 (800 Mhz ?)
  * 512M RAM
  * 4 Gig flash onboard
  * Wireless, camera, 2x USB
  * Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) installed.

  "arch" says armv7l (I think that is an "ell")
  The kernel is tagged "armel".

  Repositories point to 
  * http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ lucid
  * http://charlotte.archive.canonical.com/ lucid-charlotte public

  There is a switch behind that battery that changes the boot behaviour,
  and it looks for a CDROM for install media.

  The 'net says that the ARMv7 can handle armhf (hard float) as well as the
  soft-float armel - but I am more concerned to get it up to 12.04.

  ports.ubuntu.com seems to go up to precise, but the "armel" kernel seems
  to come from lucid-charlotte - which does not appear to have an upgrade candidate.

  Any suggestions as to what I should try to get 12.04 ?
  Or am I going to regret any upgrade ?

Cheers,    Andy!

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