[ubuntu-za] Getting some performance back from Ubuntu 11.10

Bruce Pieterse octoquadza at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 18:25:23 UTC 2012

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share a few tips & tricks that helped me see a
noticeable improvement with regards to Unity 3D.

 1. *Remove Gwibber!*
    Yes sad but true, gwibber was the main reason my desktop machine was
    so slow. Response times when switching windows with or without the
    alt+tab switcher was sloooow as well as launching and closing
    applications. I had three gwibber-services running and in some
    cases, one gwibber-service would be using around about 80-95% of the
    CPU. I don't think I'm the only one suffering with this, open up
    Ubuntu Software Centre and see the reviews for gwibber and this bug
    filed over at launchpad.net
    (https://bugs.launchpad.net/gwibber/+bug/306497). Now, I have a
    pretty decent machine (Pentium 3GHz Dual-Core processor, 8GB's RAM
    and a few 7200RPM SATA II HDD's), nothing fancy really but after I
    removed gwibber I noticed a big difference in the desktop
    experience, launching applications were snappier than ever before!

    If you do remove gwibber, you will also remove the ubuntu-desktop
    package. I really feel that gwibber should be completely separated
    from the ubuntu-desktop package. If you do try and remove gwibber
    and feel a noticeable difference with your desktop, please let me
    know! I will probably submit a bug to ubuntu-desktop package
    maintainers and ask them to separate gwibber from the ubuntu-desktop

    If someone knows how to remove gwibber without removing
    ubuntu-desktop, that would be awesome too!
 2. *Ubuntu Panel Edge Reveal Timeout
    *I hated the fact the menu always use to overlap the back button on
    Firefox. To fix it I set the Edge Reveal Timeout in
    CompizConfigSettings Manager to 350. It's a nice value, not to fast
    and not to slow in revealing itself!
 3. *Remove unnecessary services*
    Ok, this is more to do with startup time, but I always use to see
    brltty and bluetooth startup. I don't use those services, so I have
    disabled them completely. To do this just run sudo update-rc.d
    brltty disable && sudo update-rc.d bluetooth disable.

I hope this helps!

Best of luck,


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