[ubuntu-za] Drifta

Hendrik van Wyk tonberry at jpmeijers.com
Thu Sep 22 06:20:17 UTC 2011

My attempts at getting a drifta working in Ubuntu have also failed so 
far. For those interested, it acts like a USB to ethernet bridge, so it 
shows up as a network device. The protocol seem reasonably 
straightforward but also seems to employ some form of handshaking that 
thwarted my attempts at writing a basic client.

On 22/09/2011 07:21, Raoul Snyman wrote:
> On Thu, 22 Sep 2011 07:02:35 +0200, Andre Hugo wrote:
>> The windows software that comes with the drifta installs perfect under
> wine
>> and the drifta is picked up in the network manager. It seems that the
>> software is not aware of the drifta.
>> Does anybody had success with the Drifta on Ubuntu.
> Am I correct in presuming it's a USB device? What does syslog and/or dmesg
> say when you plug the device in?

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