[ubuntu-za] HUAWEI mobile broadband

Johan Scheepers johansche at telkomsa.net
Sun Sep 4 19:34:34 UTC 2011

Good day,

Due to telephone cable theft my land line and dsl is now down for 3 weeks.
ETA not known.

So I got a Cell-c modem and sim - 2 gigs per month for 12 months.
The  model HUAWEI - E1752.
Quick start  was install sim provided and plug in USB 2.0.

Boot - and according to instructions - Blue - blinking once every 3 secs 
- stick is registering with 3G/3G+ network.

Running ubuntu 11.04 fully updated.    Pretoria east area.

Now it does not show on the network icon when  clicked. So I try hidden 
networks and add NEW Cell-c.
Icon show trying to connect but fail - try this several times.

I also have a vodafone E220 - use it on 8ta - vodacom - mtn - and virgin 
mobile and it connects to the service witch sim is inserted. Have it for 
at least 3 yrs.
When fully booted the services registered on the modem show when icon is 

Now this new sim works in said E220. Using it right now.

Now is there something I have to do to get this * high * speed sim 
connected to Cell-c.
Kindly please would appreciate some pointers from members who use the 
E1752 from Cell-c with success.
Johan S

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