[ubuntu-za] Problem with '/home' folder

Nic Roets nroets at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 13:26:53 GMT 2010

Hello Ian,

I assume the username is ian. First you can check that the two homes are the
diff -rub /home/ian /media/<path to second home> | less

Then you can rename /home and later delete it.

Then you make a directory that will serve as the mount point where the old
one used to be:
mkdir /home

Then mount the second home on that directory.
umount /dev/<device>
mount /dev/<device> /home

Then make the mounting survive the reboot process by copying the appropirate
line form /etc/mtab to /etc/fstab. You may need to read up on mount here.

Then change the ownership of all files, e.g.
chmod -R ian:ian /home/ian

There should be graphical utilities for all these, but I'm not familiar with


On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 1:46 PM, Ian Whitfield
<whitfield at federalsaints.net>wrote:

> Hi all
> Next question after I got round my Installation problem. All working
> well now!! (Kubuntu 10.10)
> I asked before about keeping my '/home' folder on my second hard drive
> and never got a definitive answer. I was worried the new clean
> installation would either overwrite my '/home' folder or I would wind up
> with two locations. In the end this is what happened - two locations!!
> So......
> 1) How do I make the '/home' on the second drive the default?
> 2) At the moment the '/home' on the second drive is owned by root and
> there are no permissions available, (all grayed out). If I open a file
> it is "Read Only".
> Thanks
> Ian Whitfield
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