[ubuntu-za] RESTORE AFTER 8.04 CRASH?

Stefano Rivera ubuntu-za at rivera.za.net
Tue Mar 30 07:28:50 BST 2010

Hi Vincent (2010.03.28_20:37:52_+0200)
> Synaptic shows that everything is up to date, all the latest updates are 
> here, but am getting the following error message when trying to connect 
> vmc via a terminal..
> "From pytz import timezone
> import error no module named pytz
> line 3 twistd: command not found"

I know nothing about sbackup, but:

You are missing python-tz and python-twisted-core.

Why don't you go and download the vodafone mobile connect package again,
installing it from the deb should pull in all the dependencies it needs.


Stefano Rivera
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