[ubuntu-za] RESTORE AFTER 8.04 CRASH?

Vincent bullet at ballmail.co.za
Sun Mar 28 19:37:52 BST 2010

Hello Folks,
I'm hoping that someone can enlighten me as to how to go about getting 
my vodafone lite 3G modem connected again after a system crash & 
restore. The problem being, that while all the necessary files and 
dependencies have been restored using sbackup, it would appear that they 
have to be re-installed.
Synaptic shows that everything is up to date, all the latest updates are 
here, but am getting the following error message when trying to connect 
vmc via a terminal..
"From pytz import timezone
import error no module named pytz
line 3 twistd: command not found"
This tells this "point & click" mind that vmc cannot read the python 
files needed and yet they are on the system. It would appear that all 
the files restored need to be re-installed by synaptic. I thought having 
a regular backup would obviate this and the system would be restored as 
it was before the crash?
My problem and the reason I'm writing, is that I only have the 3G modem 
and not a land line, so cannot get onto Ubuntu's site in order to 
download the packages needed. I do have a duel boot system though with 
xp, but don't know how to, or even if I can, download all the necessary 
packages via windows?
Any help or advice would really be appreciated.

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