[ubuntu-za] Global Jam Cape Town Poster suggestion

David Robert Lewis (ethnopunk) ethnopunk at telkomsa.net
Wed Mar 17 10:33:33 GMT 2010

maia grotepass wrote:
>> Sorry, the link again, about how I feel about Orange Tang
>> http://indlovu.wordpress.com/2010/03/03/lucid-light-less-relevent/
> Haha certainly and entertaining read! I am in favour of doing what we
> want. We have more time, I'll see if I can come up with another more
> aubergine and fun version. (aaah I have visions of that kiddy video
> purple dinosaur guy in a foam suit, what was he called no no don't
> tell me) ;)
> Then we will have more than one version and people can choose which to print.
> Maia
Yes Maia, the presence of Barney the Dinosaur would signal that we most 
definitely not putting our crayons away when it comes to the Global Jam. 
Let's keep Ubuntu playful, that way we attract a lot more people. Nobody 
wants a serious and dull distribution. BTW you should see how the French 
LoCo team interpret Ubuntu

This is also cool

Let's keep it free and playful!

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