[ubuntu-za] Adding an sh script to gnome menu

SecretCode secretcode343 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 14:51:31 GMT 2010

Johan Mynhardt wrote:
> On 11/03/2010 13:49, Corrie Strydom wrote:
>> Also, when addoing, select "run in terminal"
>> Busy in traffic, sooo, not to sure regarding the menu.
> *cough* Drinking and driving is bad, sms'ing while driving is just as 
> bad, but email while driving... is a total new extreme sport! :P
On topic: I'm *not* in traffic, so I can confirm that type 'Application 
in terminal' works fine. (Although the window is closed immediately 
after the script terminates, so it wouldn't be ideal if you needed to 
see the output.)

Off topic: you think that's bad? Megan Mariah Barnes Crashes Car While 
Shaving Bikini Area, Police Say - AOL News 

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