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Mon Mar 1 20:29:59 GMT 2010

Ubuntu Global Jam for Lucid Lynx

There is a UbuntuGlobalJam coming up soon[1]. There was IRC training[2] on
running a Jam.

I need input to find good time/place that will suit everybody, but here are
some ideas for a Cape Town/Stellenbosch Jam:

weekend of 27/28 March
Saturday afternoon? a few hours

cape town &/ stellenbosch

update web pages to notify of the the jam[3],[4],[5]
blogs - feed blogs to planet.ubuntu.com
mailing lists ubuntu-za, sulug any other?
twitter? facebook?

from the training session it was clear that we can do any combination of
activities that suit our Loco. Here are some ideas which are doable with
beginners and don't need too much supervision but is still useful.

1.1 what?
 submit hardware test
 - boot from live CD
 - do hardware test and submit
1.2 aimed at?
 beginners even if they don't have ubuntu installed and are hesitant to
1.3 what we need
 enough LiveCds
 internet connection
 works better if beginners have their own laptop or hardware
 quick demo on a projector or instructions on a page.
1.4 this is good because?
it gets people to try the LiveCD
it updates the supported hw database

2.1 what?
trips&tweaks swap
- small groups choose their favourite app and swap/research tips&tweaks,
then quickly document so that others benefit. examples to pick, nautilus,
firefox but anything will work.
2.2 aimed at?
beginners, and intermediate, who have ubuntu installed
2.3 what we need
machines with ubuntu installed
internet access
some simple way of documenting, suggestions? gobby?
2.4 this is good because?
people get to know each other
beginners can see how to research stuff
everybody learns to use the software better and have a better experience.

3.1 what? upgrade tests
test upgrade to Lucid Lynx from existing ubuntu install see page [6]
3.2 aimed at?
intermediate users
users who are happy to have a beta version running
3.3 what we need
access to repositories locally or bandwidth to download or alternate CDs
users must have launchpad account to log bugs
3.4 this is good because?
Lucid is a LTS and they specifically suggested upgrade tests as a type of
jam this time

4.1 what?
  other activities packaging, translation, bugs,  these really should have
their own categories, but I am lumping them together here because I don't
have much experience in the detail.
4.2 aimed at?
intermediate to advanced, we need experienced people to run these
activities, also people with language skills if it is going to be
translation, does anyone want to jump in here?
4.3 what we need
internet access, bandwidth to upgrade, machines with ubuntu, launchpad
accounts per user
4.4 this is good because?
it makes Ubuntu better.
People learn these useful skills.

*what else do we need:
Power strips
tables & chairs
project for demos if needed
food and drink nearby
someone to take photos/tweet progress/report on IRC
some activities may make a noise so maybe not a library

Lots of advice on these pages too[7]

What does everyone think?


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