[ubuntu-za] Sync Nightmare

Charl Wentzel charl.wentzel at vodamail.co.za
Mon Mar 1 10:10:07 GMT 2010

Hi Guys

I'm having some real trouble trying to get all my devices synchronised.
Maybe someone has some advice

For starters I have the following
- Acer Laptop (main machine)
- Acer Netbook (site work)
- HTC TyTN II (old phone)
- HTC Hero (new phone)

I started off wanting to get my Laptop and Netbook synced.  I tried
Ubuntu One and it worked wonderfully.

Then I tried to sync my HTC TyTN II (Win Mobile 6) with my Laptop.  I
got it work almost, but there's some but in OpenSync that prevents this
from happening.  Still working on it, might get it fixed.  Fortunately I
kept my Laptop and Cellphone fairly well synced by manually entering
everything in both places.

Then I tried to get my HTC hero to sync with my Laptop... no use.  HTC
uses Android but offers no means of syncing with Linux?! What?!

Ok, so I did what I didn't want to do... give all my personal
information to Google.  I set both my Evolution and HTC hero to  sync
with Google.  Work wonderfully, except it does not copy the Company
information. So I can't look for people working for a company.  This is
a problem  if you have over 200 business contact of which you can't
remember all their names!

So no I have:
1. two address books in Evolution (Ubuntu One and Google) 
2. which I'll have to keep synchronised manually. 
3. with one of them (Google) not storing all the information (company
3. and third parties having access to all my personal information.

So I don't get what I want, it doesn't work properly and I feel totally
exposed.  Is there an easier way?

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