[ubuntu-za] [OT] Ubuntu-ZA Bridge Club - anyone interested?

Gary van der Merwe garyvdm at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 06:32:29 GMT 2010

On 19/02/2010 16:56, Chris Schoonbee wrote:
> Hi there,
> My apologies if anyone feels that this is too off-topic.
> I am keen to learn and play the game of contract bridge.  However I am
> finding it difficult to find interested people nearby.  There are clubs
> that are not too far but they either seem to cater for retired folk
> (since they play during the day) or they are a bit too serious for my
> level of aspiration.
> So then I though about getting an on-line group together.  Ubuntu-za
> members are one of the friendliest bunch of people I know and they
> presumably already know about doing things over the internet. :-)
> Thus I figured that there is no harm in asking the list.
> So if anyone would like to join together in learning bridge or if any of
> you already play and would be prepared to play with us, please let me
> know.  I think it would be interesting for readers to see the level of
> interest so perhaps it would be OK to reply to the list?  As soon as the
> level of interest has been established, we can take this 'project' off-list.
> My preference is to learn the Acol approach to bidding - it seems easier
> and more natural/logical than Standard American and (although this is
> subjective) more fun.  To this end, I have found a free bridge-learning
> program (runs very well under Wine) which takes you from the basics and
> that people can follow at their own pace.
> I propose to meet and practice/play on-line using the Bridge Base Online
> website.
> I look forward to hearing comments from any interested ubuntu-za members.
> Regards,
> Chris

I'm very keen to have offline club meets. Most bridge clubs meet during 
the day in the week (mostly older retired people.) I use to attend such 
a club when I was working a night shift job, but can't at the moment 
because I have a day job.So I would be keen to get something going in 
the evenings.

I live in Randburg.

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