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Walter Leibbrandt walter at translate.org.za
Fri Apr 16 10:00:23 BST 2010

Op 16/04/2010 00:00, Wesley Werner het geskryf:
> Also you might want to check out Quickly
> <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Quickly>. It uses Python and Glade interface
> designer, acting like the glue between technologies providing RAD
> environment. The tutorial linked on that page
> <http://www.didrocks.fr/index.php/post/Build-your-application-quickly-with-Quickly:-part1>
> on using Quickly is great too.
Thanks for this. I didn't know about it, but it looks promising. :)

> A little OT, but has any of you python coders been at
> http://www.pythonchallenge.com/ yet?
I think I got to something like the 13th one and then got bored. :/

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