[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu-ZA Moving Forward

Walter Leibbrandt walter at translate.org.za
Thu Apr 15 15:18:06 BST 2010

Hi Ubunteros,

I'm not really sure what you would want more than a wiki. The ability 
for someone to get involved 5 minutes after finding the page on Google 
is a very important factor, IMO. From what I've read on this thread it 
sounds like most of the respondents agree that the wiki is necessary. 
Why then complicate the setup with a CMS system too? Can't the wiki be 
set up to provide the needed news functionality as well as the other 
extras? Which wiki to use is another topic, but we probably still have 
the styling of the old (MediaWiki) that we can reuse.

As far as the financing is concerned, I would again recommend the 
simplest solution: when we need money for something (anything), we ask 
the list for donations. I'm pretty sure between the lot of us, there are 
few targets we won't easily reach. Donations can then be coordinated 
directly with the person who will be using those funds. Maybe I'm just 
too naive, but I would trust just about all of you to use my money for 
what you say you will, even though I haven't met a lot of you. So my 
question again is why complicate things?

Just my 2c. Use it, don't use it. ^_^

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