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Use the repair option on the windows cd. Once you're in the repair
console. I think the command to type is: fixmbr
This should replace Grub with the windows boot loader. I dont know how
this will effect your other OS's, but im sure it is possible that the
windows loader will pick them up.

On Tue, 2010-04-13 at 09:08 +0200, vincent wrote:
> I recently loaded 10.04 beta on my system alongside 8.04 and XP. All
> went great for a while and I think its the best version to date.
> However, being beta, its become extremely buggy and constant downloads
> are necessary.
> This is not a problem, but somehow I've now lost the ability to boot XP
> and believe me, this is a problem.
> The error I get after selecting XP at the grub menu is "no module name
> found" Aborting.
> This is a new development as I was able to boot into XP with no problem
> until now.
> I've done re-installs of 10.04 as well as 8.04 a number of time's, all to no avail.
> The partition containing XP is there and all the data is in it, so it hasn't been
> deleted. I just can't access it.
> I'm trying to avoid a re-install of XP, as this would really be starting from the beginning again with windows formatting the hard drive totally.
> Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.
> Vincent

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