[ubuntu-za] Gauteng Release Party

Corrie Strydom corrie206 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 14:54:52 BST 2010

Good day, Ubuntu-ZA

Lets get the ball rolling for the Lucid Lynx release party in Gauteng, I'll
keep this mail short.

Should Pretoria and JHB combine again? Any suggestions for the venue?

How does 1 May sound for everybody, then its the same day as the guys down
in the Cape?

What else could we do to invite and make more newbies feel welcome?
I suggest inviting some new people, especially the new people on IRC and
mailing list.

I'll download the ISO's once they are released, if someone else could also
do this as well.
Walter said he would organize repositories again, 32 and 64bit (thanks
Please bring empty DVDs/CD's to "share the love".

Please feel free to give any ideas please.


Corrie Strydom
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