[ubuntu-za] Peer to peer LAN

Robin Bownes robin at ncedatrust.org.za
Tue Apr 6 00:12:54 BST 2010

Hi All, 

I've been running a little peer to peer (workgroup) network in our home
office with 2 Karmic notebooks and a Windows PC using Samba. The Windows
PC was convenient/necessary due to our Epson printer (only later found
the Ubuntu Epson cartridge feedback info app) and our NeoTel Internet
connection. However, we are shortly going to be changing to ADSL, and as
intimated above, I've found an app that should tell us which cartridge
is empty, rather than just not printing when one is. This means that we
can get rid of the Windows PC. 

My question is this - Is it worth setting up the LAN (we will add
another Karmic PC) (part wireless, part wired) without Samba. If so,
what are the other options? Preferably simple ones.

Please be step by step and don't assume much knowledge on my part. I'd
really appreciate any suggestions.

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