[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu-ZA Website

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at ubuntu.com
Thu Apr 1 14:09:52 BST 2010


I'm sure some of you have been wondering what's happened to the 
Ubuntu-ZA wiki/website.

Well, in short the database went bad, and shortly after I moved to new 
hosting, I had a few full disk backups from various stages of the old 
host, but none of these were usable (for some reason it seems like they 
have the same tables missing), I guess the problem could've been there a 
while but it only really took effect on reboot. I apologize to everyone 
since it's my mess-up and I should've done proper sql exports of the 
databases instead.


wiki.ubuntu-za.org will take you to an ubuntu-za page on the ubuntu wiki 
for now. I still have the indexing data from the old wiki that contains 
the pages so they could be migrated to any site we would want to use, 
there's also google cache pages. We can use the ubuntu wiki if no one is 
interested in maintaining a new site, it has the benefit at least of 
being able to link to other Ubuntu pages, as much as I'd like to I 
definitely don't have the time for any website related things at the 
moment, but if there's enough interest and if someone wants to put 
together an ubuntu-za website team (teams work so much better than doing 
it individually), then I can give that team access to the hosting to 
install/update a site that could replace or compliment a wiki.

Apologies again and thanks for all the patience, if there's not much 
response or interest in putting together a plan for a new site by this 
time next week, I'll just go ahead and populate the ubuntu-za namespace 
on the Ubuntu wiki.


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