vincent bullet at ballmail.co.za
Wed Sep 16 16:06:01 BST 2009

On Wednesday 16 September 2009 15:42:35 Lee Sharp wrote:
> First, swap is imminently shareable.  You can share /home, but you may
> have issues with some apps...  The config files can vary with versions,
> so you can get conflicts going back and forth...  Also, if your users
> are in different orders, permissions will be a problem.  But if you want
> you can do;
> swap
> \ (8.04)
> \ (9.04)
> \home
> and everything will work.  I however, just do not do separate home
> partitions, and mount the other OS partitions as needed to grab files.
>                         Lee

Hello Lee,

It would seem as if my proposal is not exactly a clean one & the potential for 
corrupt files is better than good.

On reading my original post though, I don't think I was exactly clear on what 
I wanted to do.

The plan was to create just one /Home partition,sda5, one /etc,sda6, 
one /var,sda7, Swap,sda4 & so on, which would then be accessable by both 8.04 
& 9.04 in their own individual partitions, eg. sda8 & sda9.

Is this feasible? - If this was how you read my question, great, but I thought 
it needed clarity.

BTW, the system is a duel boot with Win 98 on another partition, I don't know 
if this is relevant.


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