[ubuntu-za] Niggling Post 9.10 upgrade issues

Robin Bownes robin at ncedatrust.org.za
Sat Oct 31 22:41:53 GMT 2009

Hi Robert, 

Firstly, thanks for the explanation of what compiz is, and the how-to
get to it. Yes, that is already set to "no visual effects". I did that
back in 9.04 already.


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Robin Bownes wrote:
> Hi All, 
> I hope someone can help. However, please note right up front, that I'm
> very new to Linux and that explanations please need to be kept simple.
> Thanks. (20 years supporting/training Microsoft, so good general
> background, but Linux is still a new "language & culture") I made the
> mistake of "logging a bug" and received veritable floods of no doubt
> very good, but completely baffling information.
> I upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10 and have subsequently experienced the
> following:
>       * My notebook (Compaq nx9000) runs a lot more slowly than it did
>         on 9.04. It feels like 9.10 uses a lot more resources, or
>         doesn't use them as efficiently or something. Any ideas? (Not
>         wildly happy with this. I was overjoyed when I recently ditched
>         Windows and discovered that Ubuntu 8.10 & then 9.04 allowed my
>         somewhat older notebook to run so much better- somewhat
>         disappointed now.)
>       * Every now and then, a multi-coloured block appears in the top,
>         right-hand corner of my screen. Since this sometimes happens
>         when I'm using Banshee music player, and a new song has just
>         started, I assume that it is meant to be an information dialogue
>         of some kind. I also assume, that similar to the following
>         problem, it is due is some kind of display or font issue.
>       * This problem is more serious in that it is currently stopping me
>         from getting some urgent work done. All text in my OpenOffice
>         menus and tool bars has been replaced by coloured bars & lines.
>         I assume this is due to OpenOffice having its internal font
>         settings changed to a font that it cannot process. I have tried
>         reinstalling OpenOffice (without uninstalling) with no joy.
> I hope that some light can be shed. 
> Robin Bownes

Hello Robin

My gut feeling is that if its an older laptop, you should try turning
off Compiz, see if that is possibly resulting in your music
notifications and menu's from not displaying properly.

Go to System->Preferences->Appearance->Visual Effects and set it to none
to turn off Compiz.


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