[ubuntu-za] Karma vs Windows 7

Quintin Beukes quintin at last.za.net
Sun Oct 25 18:49:34 GMT 2009

> Ubuntu has good karma, the issue is whether or not it can break out of
> the IT sector and be adopted or embraced by the mainstream? We have to
> do a lot more marketing if we want to achieve anywhere near the kind of
> ubiquity that Windows and Apple have. I'm just curious as to how to go
> about doing this with an essentially community-based Linux distro? The
> benefits for SA would be enormous to say the least, and our country
> could do with a shove in the right direction, so the question again -
> how to promote Ubuntu as a better upgrade solution than Windows 7?

I agree 100%. And have asked the same questions many times. Though the
biggest question for me was, how to do this without a deep pocket.
Though I'm sure if one could design a good campaign you could get some
support from FOSS supporters. It's not difficult to create the sales
campaign... the funding is the harder part. In the end you need to
reach the user, and when they've adopted you need to support them. And
this is what costs money.


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