[ubuntu-za] Karmic on my netbook

Jan Groenewald jan at aims.ac.za
Sun Oct 25 09:35:10 GMT 2009


On Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 11:00:35AM +0200, Alf Stockton wrote:
> I can pretty well reliably, automagically or manually, connect to both 
> my Linksys ?540G? hub as well as my Marconi Premium Combo ADSL box & of 
> course using 3G with my Aspire modem via Vodacom also works.
> Have not as yet done any wondering around the town to see what else I 
> can connect to but I do not forsee a problem.

Infrastructure/client mode often works but ad-hoc not, with some 
Linux drivers, with ndiswrapper, or whatever. It has been improving
lately, but I need to be sure. I use a wireless mesh as my main
connectivity and it works in ad-hoc mode.

Have you used ad-hoc mode? 
Is it an atheros chipset?
Do you use ath5k or madwifi?


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