[ubuntu-za] ubuntu-za co-leader stepping down; election of replacement

Simon Cross hodgestar at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 17:39:30 BST 2009

On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 4:44 PM, Morgan Collett <morgan at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> After just over than a year of co-leading the Ubuntu South Africa
> LoCoTeam with me, Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) will be stepping down
> due to time pressure.

Thanks for all your work Jonathan!

> We will give nominees a week to write up a wiki page on
> http://wiki.ubuntu-za.org mentioning their past contributions to
> Ubuntu-ZA and any other relevant information they want to include,
> including experience that would count toward Ubuntu membership. I'll
> post a page tomorrow regarding the election, which will link to these
> pages.

It might also be an idea for nominees to write down how many hours per
week they think they'll be able to spent on "making stuff happen" on
average. My thought is mostly that the person elected is likely to do
a better job if they go in with a realistic view of the effort

On a separate note I'd like to encourage people outside the current
Ubuntu ZA core  to apply. It's probably more important for the
community to have fresh ideas and fresh people than to have a
co-leader who can create a patched kernel package.

I like the idea of periodic leadership changes -- I know from personal
experience that keeping up enthusiasm and momentum over multiple years
is quite difficult.  Often it's nice to step back for a bit and let
someone else lead for awhile (maybe Jonathan will be back as co-leader
or leader at some point in the distant future :).


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