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On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 11:01 AM, Walter Leibbrandt <
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> Good morning, Ubuntu-ZA!
> It seems that the follow-up meeting on IRC didn't happen. I thought it
> might then be a good idea to have a Gauteng-party-specific thread here.
> This is just to get the discussion/planning started, so feel free to
> give your input and make more suggestions. :)
> I'm sure, like last time, we'd want to do a joint Jo'burg/Pretoria
> party. Is that OK with everyone? In that case the more central location
> should probably take precedence. The previous "Karmic Release Parties"
> thread mentioned the Karma Original restaurant in Greenside and Stefan
> mentioned that there is one in Fourways too. Are there any other
> suggestions for venues?
> 7 November was suggested in the first IRC meeting.
> What do you guys think of trying to make this release party very
> newbie-friendly? Even if that just means that we have some
> pre-downloaded docs/pages for them to read, it might help to recruit a
> few new users. :)
> As Jonathan mentioned, he brought a ~55GB copy of the entire repository
> with him to the party where it quickly spread. It turns out that it's a
> very handy thing to have. Is there someone who plans to attend this
> party that has access to the bandwidth/TENET that can help us do the
> same for this release party?
> Also, does anyone have information about the possibility of obtaining
> some Karmic CDs/DVDs to share with other people?
> I'm still not sure where I'm going to get a Kuala costume, though.
> kthnxbye,
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I'm not to bothered about the where, and Karma sounds ok, if we go for the

sorry Walter, I dont have a Koala suit.

Still happy with the 7th for me

I can bring along some blank DVDs for newbies, I'm also trying to get some
IT friends to come along as well.

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