[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu 9.04

Vijay Makanjee vijay at ergo.co.za
Mon Oct 5 17:26:08 BST 2009

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Biocura wrote, On 05/10/2009 12:15:
> Arnold Pietersen wrote:
>> Alf Stockton wrote:
>>> Two little things that I find a little annoying in Ubuntu 9.04 and the 1st is
>>> when I click restart or shutdown I really do not need to be told that this 
>>> will happen in 60 seconds. I want it done now & if I clicked by mistake that 
>>> is my problem not Ubuntu.
>>> Is there a way to switch this off?
>>> The 2nd issue I have is probably Firefox rather than Ubuntu but if Firefox is 
>>> started before the network link activates it automatically sets Work Offline.
>>> I would like it not to do this. How can I configure that?
>> Right-click on the Switch users or shut down icon
>> Click on Preferences
>> Untick the Show confirm dialogs for logout, restart and shutdown checkbox
> This worked perfectly thank you, why didn't I think of looking there 
> long ago.
As usual, good advice on the forum
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