[ubuntu-za] Bayside High School Hout Bay, Cape Town

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Hi Hilton,

Do you mean Alternate CD, not lts

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Hi David

Download of a copy of 8.10 lts as well as edubuntu add-on CD. or go to
one of the freedom toasters and toast yourselve some nice software

Step 1:
boot server from 8.04 lts cd, then simply follow prompts ps. remember
you must select lts and not desktop version, server ip works well with

install should take between 30-35minutes.

once you are done, pop-in the add on cd, select all the educational apps
and hit install.

create users,setup printer,etc.

now boot the workstations you have via network and boom all 7 pc's can
be used by as many users you create.

> http://edubuntu.org/Download

David Mark Bodmer wrote:
> Hi all,
> Ive been helping out with the computers at my old school.
> They have a few (7) desktop pc's that have XP on them, but they are
> running poorly due to users having admin access.
> They just bought a new server computer in the hopes that they can get
> each user his own little space to store personal/school/homework
> documents in.
> But after running short on funding for the operation they found that
> server 2003 would cost too much.
> I am an MCSE and i know that with the correct software i could set up
> this environment for them. But as for Ubuntu im not so sure i have the
> skills.
> So I come to you, asking if maybe there is some way this can all be
> done with ubuntu/linux, so that users can have a personal share of the
> 1/2TB on the server, and be able to do all homework, and whatnot!!
> And if somebody could jump aboard this with me to get it done.
> Its in Houtbay, Capetown in the YMCA campgrounds. up payne street

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