[ubuntu-za] ZoneMinder

Lee Sharp leesharp at hal-pc.org
Tue Jul 7 14:52:33 BST 2009

frans wrote:
> we had camera's installed recently and i tested with the zoneminder 
> distro though i just got a blank screen, the cards are some Phillips 
> chipset, which are apparently known for problems on Linux.
> The best option you have should be to do some more research, arrange to 
> return the card if it does not work and ask your supplier whether it's 
> Linux compatible or not.
> I asked the rep for our system for Linux compatible cards, but 
> apparently it is more expensive.
> I have not tried Ubuntu, on these cards yet also I have not tried more 
> than just the initial test, so probably with some blood sweat and a lot 
> of luck one could get it to work

I have tried a lot od cards, and it is a crap shoot.  Unless you can 
afford to try many that will not work, order some that will from 
overseas, and pay the extra fee.  ProVideo and Kodacom (or Kodacom 
clones) work well.  The Kodacom clones out of china are dirt cheap.


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