[ubuntu-za] ZA - Johannesburg - BugJam

Marius Kruger amanic at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 09:40:38 GMT 2009

2009/1/16 Stefan Lesicnik <stefan at lsd.co.za>

> Hey Guys,
> I would like to organise a get together for the Ubuntu GlobalBugJam [0]
> I am in Johannesburg, so thats where this one will be great if others
> could plan in similair areas!
> It will take place on one day in the weekend between the 20 February
> to 22 February. I propose Sat 21 at 12:00 till whenever we're done or
> want to leave.
> I have started a planning page on the ubuntu-za wiki [1]
> [0] - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GlobalBugJam
> [1] - http://wiki.ubuntu-za.org/GlobalBugJam
> How much interest have we got??

I'd be interested to attend.
I have a sufficient laptop (no 3G so will need a lan or a wireless lan).
I should be able to get a virtualbox with an up to date jaunty on there
working, mm maybe I should even install it on my old home desktop pc.
I'm a kubuntu user, so I'd focus on that sort of thing.
I'm a bazaar developer, but don't think there would be critical problems
with that on jaunty, but I suppose I can test it a bit.
Otherwise, I'm happy to go with the flow and see what bugjams are all about.

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