[ubuntu-za] Special characters (compose key)

Marius Kruger amanic at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 19:05:12 GMT 2009

thanks a lot, I always wondered about this. Ek-sê!

2009/1/14 Péter Nel <petern2 at openweb.co.za>

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> The special character (e-acute-accent) comes through as '?' when
> arriving from the mailing-list

I also receive it perfectly, it might have to do with your mail client.

The default way in ubuntu is to use the "compose" key, I think the
> default key is GrAlt (right alt); e.g.:
> <compose> ' e
>   := é (e-acute)
> <compose> <shift-6> e
>  := <compose> ^ e
>  := ê (e-circumflex)
> <compose> a e := æ (ae)
> <compose> <shift-'> <shift-A>
>   := <compose> " A
>   :=  Ä (capital A with diaeresis/umlaut)

I tried the above and only after some experimentation I figured out that I
have to let go of the <compose> key after I pressed the punctuation key and
before I press the letter. ie:
"<compose>+^ e" in stead of  "<compose>+^+e"

thanks a lot again, now I also know I have a compose key!
I set mine now to be <alt gr> and also my super key (which used to be a win
key, but its now painted black, cause I don't like that logo)

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