[ubuntu-za] Lost configuration file

Gary Alexander alexanderg at fnb.co.za
Tue Jan 13 13:20:58 GMT 2009

Vijay Makanjee wrote:
>  I am not sure of where they are stored.
>  But if you manage to do the open with change it should apply to all
>  pdf documents in your system

 From the help file for gnome....

To modify the actions associated with a file or file type, perform the 
following steps:

1. In the view pane, select a file of the type to which you want to 
modify the action.
2. Choose File ▸ Properties.
3. Choose Open With tabbed section.
4. Use Add or Remove buttons to tailor the list of actions. Select the 
default action with the option to the left of the list.

Not sure of a way to edit the entire list of filetypes actions ...

The detection of filetype is done by magic (man magic) ... :)

Gary Alexander

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