[ubuntu-za] BugJam - Johannesburg - We Rock!

Stefan Lesicnik stefan at lsd.co.za
Sat Feb 21 17:13:50 GMT 2009

Hey guys!

Thanks to the guys that attended! Some pics located here...


You will be pleased to know that the ZA team is 5th on the list!
(although this will probably change as the US wakes up!)


I think everyone had a good time and all learnt and gave something
back to Ubuntu.

Robyn as a first time launchpad user (non Linux user!) did amazingly
and contributed to Ubuntu. Hope to see more of you guys around next

To the guys that came, would it be possible to write a small post to


Thanks for all the work (and dont stop now!!)


PS:  For the guys that didnt come, you can still contribute!  Add your name to


and help give some bugs some love!

(https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage  may be useful!)

Stefan Lesicnik

Linux System Dynamics

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tel : +27 (0)86 111 6094
cell: +27 (0)84 951 9321
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