[ubuntu-za] Official Intrepid CDs available

Morgan Collett morgan at ubuntu.com
Thu Feb 5 20:32:23 GMT 2009

I got a box of a few hundred Intrepid CDs for Ubuntu-ZA. We need to
find a way to distribute these efficiently.

I've sent about half of them to Joburg with Jonathan Carter.

They are mainly Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop CDs, with some Kubuntu, some
Server Edition and a handful of Server Edition 64 bit. There are no
Desktop 64 bit CDs this time. I still have some Hardy 8.04 LTS Ubuntu
Desktop CDs which I'll include as well.

I think these are ideal for handing out to people interested in
Ubuntu, since they look nice, are mainly suitable for new installs,
and of course most of us upgraded ASAP when Intrepid came out...

I'd like to split up the ones I have and send a box to someone in the
Cape Town southern suburbs, and Jonathan can do likewise. We can
distribute them further, so if you want say 20 CDs then speak up and
we can further divide them up.

If you're somewhere else in the country and think you can hand out 20
or more CDs, speak up and one of us can send you some.


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