[ubuntu-za] BUM question

Liedeman, Ciaran <15094014@sun.ac.za> 15094014 at sun.ac.za
Thu Dec 3 21:27:56 GMT 2009

>Was just worried that BUM wasn't installed right. Didn't want to use it
>and turn of gdm and other stuff by accident. There should be some kind
>of message like what you've just told me. gdm: init.d not a service.

>For interest sake, does bum turn on/off init.d "scripts"?

 Don't thank me yet, I re-read the documentation and ran
$ start gdm
which is the command to stop a service making me realize that gdm is in
fact an upstart service. The tricky bit seems to be what bum defines as 
an activated service.

Checkout the bum documentation for the details,  bum examines symlinks to check if 
service is active or not.  It requires that atleast one runlevel startupscript folder,
 - the /etc/rc[0-6].d folders - to contain an activated symlink. The symlinks are of the
 form KXX<name> for deactivated scripts and SXX<name> for activated scripts and 
these all link to files in the /etc.init.d folder.

But this is where I get confiused as I activated and deactivated the gdm service which set
all my gdm symlinks to K20gdm but on boot gdm still starts so I have no idea how gdm 
gets started even though its supposedly deactivated.

Perhaps some else could shed some light?

Ciaran Liedeman

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