[ubuntu-za] Thanks for a great group!

Ian Whitfield whitfield at federalsaints.net
Tue Dec 1 12:12:27 GMT 2009

Hi all

Sorry I've been "MIA" for a while. All phone lines stolen in my area and 
had to convert to whole new wireless system. (Welcome to Africa!!)

First of all it was great to attend the Launch Party in Pretoria and 
meet the people - thanks for making me welcome.

Secondly I must congratulate the group on a well run and supported 
Forum. In the past year as I transitioned  from M$ to Linux I joined 
several overseas groups to get help and support. Almost without 
exception I was treated with disrespect, given answers that made as much 
sense as 'Double-Dutch', treated as a total idiot and even "flamed" for 
asking for clarification!!

This group however has treated me very well, welcomed me aboard, treated 
me well and answered my questions with good intelligent feed-back that 
is understandable to a "noob". To those who replied to me - very many 
thanks! And I see I'm not alone in this. Well done - this is how such a 
group should be operated!! You have a committed new member.

So that said can anyone help me with the following?

1) - I have re-installed (clean install) both my two computers to 
Kubuntu 9.10 (and like it). But as with 9.04 the two machines 'see' each 
other when I look in Dolphin>Network>Network, but there is no sharing 
set-up. I tried to do this with properties>permissions but get the error 
"not supported with protocol network". Last time with 9.04 Andrew set it 
up for me but he was in a hurry so I wasn't able to learn how! Can 
anyone give me details please or point me to a tutorial?

2) I have developed a Database using OO Base which is working well and 
very important to me. However I'm very unhappy about the performance of 
the DB backend. VERY slow to open, no record save on record exit and you 
have a two step method to exit and save which takes a couple of mins to 
do. With crashes and powercuts I've lost a lot of data!! It was 
suggested to me that I change the backend to MySQL. I found and loaded 
the OO extension for this, installed MySQL and the test Database but can 
not get the system to connect. I think it is something to do with socket 
settings. Has anyone done this who could assist. I'm also interested to 
know how I get my existing DB and the forms and quires across to MySQL.

Thanks Guys

Ian Whitfield.

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