[ubuntu-za] Very old computers

Mark Stockton mark at linuxworx.co.za
Mon Apr 20 06:45:10 BST 2009

Hi Bill

You might want to look at the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP). Some time
back I ran an entire creditors department for a large retail group using
diskless P1's thin clients with 32mb ram networked to a reasonable server. 



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> Our computer club (here in Kokanje - far in the bushveld) has been
> given, over time, a lot of very old computers. We have eight which 
> may still work, but which are so old that it is difficult to know 
> what to do with them. They are all "pre-pentium", most do not have 
> CD drives of any sort while some (two I think)  have ancient CD 
> readers.  Don't ask about USB ports. None of the disk drives seem to 
> work, but we do have some spare disks that might be compatible.
> Can I make a bootable Xubuntu stiffy? Or is a stiffy just too small?
> Any other ideas?
> There is an insatiable demand for cheap computers up here. But of
> course, they must work!
> Bill
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