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Hi Jonathan,

On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 9:56 PM, Jonathan Carter <jonathan at ubuntu.com>wrote:

> > We have another example lately in Evolution demanding a password for an
> > encryption file. Good security if we are going to use encryption. But
> > the same 9999/10000 of us don't mind if you publish our email on the
> > Internet. So why ask for the password on a file that is completely empty?
> What kind of encryption?

The whole thing is pretty well covered in


Bug 236502 on Launchpad

Basically - if you use auto login, Evolution does not have the password for
the keyring file and asks you for it - even though it does not need it
because you don't want to use encryption.

> Have you tried running Xfce as opposed to Gnome on that machine? Xfce is
> somewhat friendlier on CPU/RAM and provides a reasonable desktop
> environment. Not all the bells and whistles that Gnome has, but the
> performance improvements usually justifies it.

I ran for the whole Gutsy release using Xubuntu on that machine. I found
that I had to install too many things that I wanted to use (like Open Office
and, if I remember, Firefox) that it was easier to downgrade a standard
release than upgrade Xubuntu! Actually it is not very difficult to get rid
of unwanted stuff and Gnome is not intolerably slow.

> > As I said, Ja well no fine.
> I can assure you that your reaction to finding something that implies
> that you might connect to Exchange is completely normal, and I wouldn't
> worry too much about it. As I said before, I think this kind of thing
> will continue for a while, because it is necessary for a very huge user
> base, but I doubt it will be there forever, many companies are extremely
> reluctant to upgrade to Windows Vista, and this is a good time for the
> Linux crowd to show the world what they're made of.

Ja - we have just made the decision at work not to go to Vista and this will
give us a nice three year window to look at Linux in the corporate
environment. It is not so much the big applications that are the problem -
it is all the fiddly little bits and pieces that have established themselves
over the years.

Thanks for your reply,

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