[ubuntu-za] Donations for Project

wayne plettpc at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 14:25:12 GMT 2008

*Hi ALL*

I have been delegated the resident Bum again,
We are still in need of any redundant Equipment You have lying around or 
even Company Sponsors! (READ: testers,guinea pigs)
I am building a project amongst the Griqua Community in Plettenberg Bay 
and really require *YOUR* assistance.
I have a large number of school leavers who are very interested in the 
IT field, but do not have adequate funding to follow through.
I aim to facilitate training and guidance to successfully complete LPI's 
. ( Could be your next upcoming SYSADMIN.)
I have had many offers in the past but only one came thru *A Big THANKS 
to Michael-John Turner.
We're willing to take anything off your hands, to get experience on a 
variety of Machines.
So Any Networking equipment and Long in the tooth machines, Will 
definitely find a Loving home and Maybe Ensure Somebody a Default 
Gateway to success.

Wayne A

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