[ubuntu-za] SFD 2008, Sandton Convention Center

Karl Fischer kmf at fischer.org.za
Fri Feb 22 12:27:51 GMT 2008

Hi Guys,
We have secured the Sandton Convention Center for the Software Freedom Day
we will be having our own version of L*nuxWorld(tm), here is the
there will be ZERO Cost for Visitors and .... Exhibitors, yes Exhibitors,
obviously Companies with an International Presence, will have to pay.
Example: IBM, Google, Sun Microsystems, Novel.

We are running the Event in conjunction with Insitex,
while the project is still in it's infancy we would like your input early,
on what kind of tracks and talks you want, suggestions and flames are VERY

I know out of experience that the Conference is dead. Most Tradeshows don't
I would want more of a BarCamp style to our event. We need a Name ...

So that Dates for the event is "15 - 17 September 2008"
I believe that we should be in the streets to celebrate the SFD (20 Sept
Sharing the Love Freely and Openly with the unconverted, consider the event
a bootcamp/rootcamp for Software Freedom Day.

Input welcome,


Karl Fischer
"Absence of evidence
is not evidence of absence"
Carl Sagan
Email  : kmf at fischer.org.za
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