[ubuntu-za] Nice comment

Deon Erasmus bisybackson at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 17:22:32 GMT 2008


Andrew Alston wrote:
>  The problem comes in the fact that unfortunately, particularly in the
>  corporate space, there is often far more trust in what is payed for than
>  for what is free.  The logic is simple, if you pay for it, you have
>  someone to scream at when it breaks, if you pay for it, and it breaks,
>  you can point the finger.  In the corporate world, and in various other
>  sectors, people are often very scared of that which is free, or that
>  which is to cheap.

Solaris 10 is free, and it runs in most of the Fortune 500's datacentres.

I often hear the argument that free stuff doesn't go down with the
board, but I've never experienced it, and in the cases where it's
offered as a reason why an expensive proprietary platform was chosen
over a free one, I can come up with a dozen other reasons for it that
have little to do with outright cost. I simply don't buy it, if you'll
pardon the horrible pun.

It is in my opinion more accurate to say that the purchase price of a
technology must equate to its perceived value, and in the case of the
operating system, it being just a part of the operating platform, this
is usually an insignificantly small amount.


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