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André Truter andre at sensorysolutions.co.za
Thu Feb 14 10:35:44 GMT 2008

Hi Weiers

I'm already confused, now you want me to add something to the page/a page.
How I'm feeling now, by the time I've got my story added to your site, the
site won't be the same anymore :-). 

How about with all the grey hear I'm getting with working with something
that doesn’t make any sense to me, GIVE me one for my effort? :-)    


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> > >   
> > >> Is there any books you can recommend for me to get myself up to speed
> > >> Linux and Ubuntu?
> > >>     
> > >> Can anyone help me to get Ubuntu7.10 to see my wireless SMC 2804WBR
> > >>     
> > > router?

Hi Andre'

I know that I am completely hi-jacking the thread. I just wanted to
encourage you, and others who experienced the switch to Ubuntu to
chronicle your successes and frustrations on the wiki.


If you do that I am in the position to sweeten your experience of this
exciting operating system by sending you a free ubuntu-za t-shirt.


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