[ubuntu-za] Hardy Release Party

Jonathan Hitchcock jonathan at vhata.net
Fri Apr 11 10:12:08 BST 2008

Hardy gets released on April 24th, and we should have a release party.

Unfortunately, the weekend after that marks the beginning of a series of
public holidays that mean a lot of people can get ten days holiday from
taking two days leave, so people might be away.  However, we discussed
it on the IRC channel, and we reckon the best time to have a party will
be on Saturday, April 26th.  There is a CTPUG meeting on that day
(http://www.python.org.za/pugs/cape-town/MeetingTen), but we normally go
for a drink or two after the CTPUG meetings, so I think it would be good
to combine these post-meeting drinks with the Ubuntu-ZA release party?

To summarise, shall we have a release party at 4:30pm on Saturday, April
26th, at Woodstock Lounge on Roodebloem Road?

(If Woodstock Lounge is full, we can go next door to Jamaica Me Crazy.
If somebody is violently opposed to either of these venues, speak up now
and suggest an alternative...)

Ayes or Nays?

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