[ubuntu-za] Wiki Spam - turn off anonymous edits?

Jan Kroeze thejcwk at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 14:39:02 BST 2007

I don't have a problem with it. Perhaps it's not the perfect solution, but
it's better than spam :/

On 11/10/2007, Morgan Collett <morgan at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> We've been having a lot of wiki spam on www.ubuntu-za.org. Craig has
> opened a ticket a while ago for the Canonical sysadmins to advise us
> on dealing with this, and I think there may be moin plugins that can
> help - but until we have something more reliable (and less manual than
> Craig's several edits a day to remove spam) the quickest action would
> be to stop anonymous edits.
> That would require everyone to create a profile and log in on the wiki
> before being able to edit. I think most people who do edit the wiki do
> log in, unless they forget (as has happened to me on occasion).
> Comments? Anyone against this?
> Regards
> Morgan
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Jan Kroeze
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