[ubuntu-za] Site NAme (was ubuntu-za Digest, Vol 20, Issue 31)

Raoul Snyman raoul.snyman at saturnlaboratories.co.za
Sat Jun 2 09:45:52 BST 2007

William Kinghorn wrote:
> Do you know of an existing program that will do what is required.
>>From a previous post of mine : 
> Set up a site for putting on and finding training/linux/opensource places.
> The putting on part : companies who have found the site, can put themselves on the database, and they have editing rights to only that part of the site. On the site you tell the companies that it is their job to keep their information up to date. It will be something like wikipedia, but not everybody can edit the company's info.
> The finding part : when I am on the site, I can search, via a category, city, Provence or what ever to find a company that offers what I require, be it training, web services, etc.

Drupal? Custom content type, taxonomy.

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