[ubuntu-za] T-Shirts - status

Weiers Coetser coetserw at hbc.ac.za
Fri Jun 1 16:26:25 BST 2007

> > Weiers Coetser has volunteered to handle distribution of this batch of
> > t-shirts. He is checking what the postage costs will be.

I went to the post office today with a T-shirt of my own:

Cost if I wanted to mail it (in South Africa)

Normal Post: R14.63  (Delivery time: 5 working days)
Add Insurance: R2.50 (Approximately - perhaps a few cents less)
Packaging: R7.00 (Approximately - perhaps a few cents less)

Total Cost= R24,13.  Add about R5 for bank charges:

Suggested Cost for sending a T-shirt via normal post: R30.00

Sending the T-shirt via speed services = R40.66

So, if a person added something for bank charges = R45

Courier to somebody's door = R86.50.


What I never found out is how much it would cost to send T-shirts in

I do not yet have the T-shirts with me, but I wonder if we should make
all of these options available, or do we agree on one option.

The way I envision it:

1. Somebody needs to look at the switch story (or any other point of
merit) and make a decision if a person qualifies for a T-shirt.

2. The person qualifying for the t-shirt then deposits money into my

3. On receipt of the money, I will send the t-shirt immediately.



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