[ubuntu-za] Dialup in Edgy and Feisty

Robert Holm robhh at absamail.co.za
Mon Apr 2 19:10:14 BST 2007

I sent this message yesterday but no confirmation arrived back in my
inbox and I didn't get any reply so I assume it got "lost in transit",
This is a repeat.

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From: Robert Holm <robhh at absamail.co.za>
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Subject: Dialup in Edgy and Feisty
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2007 15:28:53 +0200

When I installed Edgy I entered all the relevant details for the service
provider and modem connection in the  network settings, as I had done in
Dapper and previous distributions, but I could find no way to dial out.

In order to do that I had to re-install Dapper, download and make a copy
of the Gnome Gppp dial-up tool, and then use it when I had re-installed

I have just installed Feisty beta and find myself in the same position,
except fortunately I now have the dialler available.

What about those people who are new to Ubuntu and require a dialler in
order to download a dialler (talk about pulling yourself up by your own
bootstraps), or is there some other method of dialling up that I am

Robert H


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