[ubuntu-za] installing ubuntu on a usb 120gig samsung hard drive

Dimitri Mallis dimitri.mallis at gmail.com
Sun May 7 11:01:28 BST 2006

thanks iv tried the link you gave above

i get a grub error 17, which i think means i need 2 play around with my
/boot/grub/menu.lst a bit more

maybe you could guide me a bit

i have two hard drives

i have a internal sata western digital 250gig -> WDC WD2500JS-40MVB1 that
has two partitions. the 1st partition has windows xp, the second has all my
files, like music movies & stuff.

the other is a samsung 120gig usb2 hard drive SAMSUNG SP1203N it has 4
partitions. the 1st is 8mb unused, the second is a ntfs partition, the third
is my swap, the fourth is ext2

i installed ubuntu onto /dev/sdb7
swap is on /dev/sdb6

my menu.lst looks something like this


then the parts were ubuntu is looks similar

i have tried a few different combinations and nothing works but im getting
& a few more

grub is installed to the external hard drive @ /dev/sdb

i would apresiate any help, thanks
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