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Jan Groenewald jan at aims.ac.za
Fri Mar 24 07:11:05 GMT 2006


On Thu, Mar 23, 2006 at 12:36:39AM +0200, Paul Arzul wrote:
> can anyone recommend a computer retailer which sells complete systems
> with ubuntu in mind? more that something that just works,
> specifically:
> - all components should be as "open" as possible. ages back there used
> to be a collaboration of hardware manufacturers trying to go "open"
> and i recall that plextor (cdrom manufacturer) was behind some of
> that. soundcards should have open chipsets listed on project alsa,
> etc. oh and peripherals... kyocera laser printers seem to be friendly
> at the moment because they're supplying ppd files. is anyone on top of
> this stuff? is canonical putting it's stamp of approval on anything?
> - servicing cape town
Not an easy task in ZA.

Have a look at these:


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