Jonathan Carter jonathan at
Sun Nov 13 00:05:21 CST 2005

Hi Jacobus

Jacobus Brink wrote:
> Why are there entries for "clipboard" (correct) and "clibboard" (???).
> How should we edit proposed words? eg.:
> Location: (JonathanCarter: "Lokasie" of "Ligging"? Albei word huidiglik 
> gebruik)
> "ligging" is the better choice.  Do I add my thought, or do I delete the rest 
> and just leave "ligging"?

I think the process should work something similar to this:

1. A person is unsure which of two words to use for a translation,
perhaps he/she notices that "liggin" and "lokasie" is currently used for
a spelling. So this person adds the words to the wiki page with a
comment, explaining why there might be question around the word.

2. Another person, such as yourself, explains why "Ligging" is the
correct word, or simply states that it is.

3. The person who originally posted the question there, once satisfies
that it's the correct word, deletes all the comments and the incorrect
word. Perhaps even keeping a short comment there that "Lokasie" is not
the correct word

 * Location: Ligging ("Lokasie" is inkorek)

or not, I haven't made decisions around this, and I don't think I
should. It's a free-form page, and I think we should just try to use it
as effectively and effeciently as we can, and get a big amount of words
together so that it will get harder to get stuck on a translation.

> A few sites:
> A number of links.
> seems to be inactive

Thanks, that will be helpful, I've added the links to the bottom of the
wiki page.

Perhaps a seperate discussion, but I suggest that we have an IRC meeting
at some stage to discuss some details. There's about 11 members in the
group now, but as this grows we'll have some decisions to make, such as
whether we'll need a seperate list (many translators might want to
communicate in Afrikaans in e-mail, don't know how appropriate it is for
this list), and also if what we'd like to do as a team to improve
Afrikaans translation work. Perhaps, more long-term, we could look at
helping some of the other local languages, such as Xhosa, to be
translated. There are many places where we could get a bunch of Xhosa
speaking (for instance) people together and facilitate them in
translation. Then again, it's a bit early for that. Baby steps!


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